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Mission: creating without inhibition


b. 1973, Mumbai – India. Singaporean


theartist@joyotee.com | +65-96707269 (Singapore) | Website: www.joyotee.com

Artist Statement: Joyotee is a Singaporean artist, of Indian decent. Her art reflects her colorful and vivacious personality and multicultural background. A free spirited and spiritual being, her greatest motivation is to create without inhibition.


 One of the artists selected for the Charity Feature wall, Affordable Art Fair, Singapore 2017, 7-9th Apr 2017. Selected by Dr Giles Tan (IMH), Loh Weiren (Gallery Director, Barnadas Huang Art Gallery), Alan Koh (Fair Director, Affordable Art Fair), Florentine Horvath (Fair Manager, Affordable Art Fair) https://affordableartfair.com/fairs/singapore/charity-feature-wall
 Nov 2016- Gave a talk at the Affordable Art Fair for the Lakeer Gallery, Bengal School of Art and its Influence on Contemporary Indian Art.

 Sep 2015 – inauguration of a 10 metre mural for the Shree Narayana Mission, Singapore with co-artist Maya Bhalla. The Wall was a history mural recording 67 years of the mission’s growth. The wall was inaugurated by Minister K Shanmugam (Minister of Law & Foreign Affairs, Singapore in 2015).

 Completed photography assignment for the recently launched books, "The Wholefood Kitchen" by Mayura Mohta & "The Heart Smart Oil Free Cook Book", by the Vegetarian Society of Singapore and Heart Foundation. The books are published, by Straits Times Press and were launched on the October 2014 & October 2012 respectively.

 Conducted a panel of discussion with reputed artists like Thota Vaikuntham, Jogen Chowdhury, Paresh maity, Jaysree Burman and Neeraj Goswami at the Kala Sutra exhibition brought to Arts House, Singapore by the Sanchit Gallery, New Delhi.

Awards & Sponsorships

Imago Mundi: Artwork curated and included by Imago Mundi for the publication ‘Singapore Art: 21st Century and Beyond’, 2016. Imago Mundi is the collection of works commissioned and collected by Luciano Benetton on his travels around the world. The collection, under the auspices of the Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche, established upon the wishes of the Benetton family to support and raise awareness of the wealth of landscape, cultural and artistic heritage (http://www.imagomundiart.com/artworks/joyotee-ray-chaudhury-tick-tock)

 Supported by National Arts Council (Singapore) for the exhibition titled, Peregrination on the 5th of February until the 27th of February. Collaborating with artist Maya Bhalla.

Singapore Internationale Grant :

10th Jul - 8th Sep 2013: Interart Greifswald 2013, Germany - curated by Pommernhus Gallery

 Nov-Dec 2012: Curated and exhibited by SIF for DiverseCity 2012 at Singapore Art Museum.

January 2012: Sponsored by the SIF to represent Singapore at Aviskar 2012 - East Meets West Exhibition, 6th to 22nd January 2012 at Gallery Gold, Kolkata, India

 October 2012: SI Grant awarded for photographic collaboration project in 2013

Awarded the grant for the Exhibition red Dot in Mosaic a photography exhibition of Singapore scenes and cultural scenario.

Awarded the Viewers' Choice - Best Painter Award (Digital Category) for her painting "Urban Existence" at Aviskar 2012 - East Meets West Exhibition, January 2012, Gallery Gold, Kolkata, India.

Ongoing: Plans for Workshop with special needs children. Conducting photography workshops and art workshops for children and adults. Working one on one with Autistic child.


Master of Arts, majoring in English Literature and Language, from the University of Mumbai, India, 1996.

Bachelor of Arts, majoring in English Literature and Language, from the University of Mumbai, India, 1993.

 Diploma in Journalism from the British Institute, Mumbai, India. 1996.

Diploma in Business Administration from PSB Singapore, 2000.

Art Workshops:

 Certificate in Digital Film Making from Objectifs May 2015

 Photography Workshop in Sikkim, India with Mentor Mr. Chhatrapati Dutta, senior visual artist from India, June 2014

Photography & Water Colour Workshop in Kalimpong, West Bengal June 2011.

 Participated in a Painting workshop in Fraizergunj, West Bengal in March 2011.

LaSalle Singapore Certificate in Caricature in 2003.

Conducted Art Worksops, Art Jams & Panel Discussions:

 Conducted Multi artist Panel talk at The Arts House for artists, Jogen Chodhury, Jaysree Burman, Paresh Maity and Thota Vaikuntham 2013

 Conducted photography and print making workshop in Forum Gallery Chennai, India 2014.

 Conducted guided art jams @ The Right Side, Singapore (2016)

 Conducted art workshops through 2016

 Given a Talk at the Affordable Art Fair on Bengal Art (Nov) 2016

Exhibitions: Group

Melbourne Specialist International School Art Exhibition 2016: held at the Red Dot Museum, MICA 23rd to 24th Sept 2016.

India Art Festival Mumbai 2015: represented by Dolna Gallery, Nehru Centre, Worli, 26 to 29th Nov 2015.

Melbourne Specialist International School Art Exhibition 2015: held at the Australian High commissioner’s residence, this was a charity auction exhibition. Artwork was sold and fetched the desired sum. October 29th 2015.

The Enlightened One, Gautama Buddha in Contemporary Art: Group exhibition Curated by Vidhya Gnana Couresan and presented by the Gallery of Gnani Arts, at ION Orchard, from the 18th May to the 24th of May 2015.

Peregrination: A Collaboration between Maya Bhalla and Joyotee, 5th February to the 27th of February.

Boundaries: An Installation art piece at the Goodman Arts Centre. Also a collaborative art piece between Maya Bhalla and Joyotee, venue sponsors Arts House Ltd for the Tanjong Goodman Open House.

Art Fair Dubai 2014 October 31 to November 2, 2014

Nuevos Valores V 2014, 12th - 29th June 2014 at Artelibre Gallery, Zaragoza - Spain.

Global Icon: Ganesha In Fine Art presented by the Gallery of Gnani Arts Curated by Ms. Vidhya Gnana at the ION art Gallery from the 14th to the 20th of May. Sold out all paintings on display.

Inter Art Germany: Participated in group exhibition in Interart Grieffswald, Germany. Curated by The Lady Between the Lines Foundation. From the 9th of July to the 17th of September. One of the only artists who had sent mediums mixed in photography and painting on canvas. Funded by SIF for the same.

The Red Dot in Mosaic Photography and digital art mixing photography and acrylic painting on canvas at the Viridian Art House, Singapore from the 21st to the 24th of March. Sponsored by the Tote Board.

Fearless Initiatve at the Maddermoon Singapore from 26th 2012, participated in art jam and donated artworks for charity for women’s related causes via UNIFEM, Singapore.

DiverseCity 2012 from 16th November to 2nd December 2012 at Singapore Art Museum @ 8Q. Exhibition curated by Singapore International Foundation showcasing 2012, SI Grant recipients

Expression from 23rd Nov to 3rd Dec 2012, Group exhibition curated by: Dahlia Gallery, 69A Pagoda St, Singapore

 Aviskar 2012 –East Meets West from the 6th to the 22nd Januaary 2012, at the Gallery Gold Kolkata, India. Presented by Roymans Art Studio. Won the viewer’s choice award for the Best Painter in Digital Art Painting for the work Urban Existence. Curated by by Ekaterina Volkova-Russia, Dr. Chandrayee Dutta – Kolkata, Angela Everduim- Benelux, Michel Warner-USA. Funded by the SIF for the same.

The Art of Giving 2011 from the 24th November to 4th December 2011 at the Dahlia Gallery, Singapore. Supported by Make A Wish Foundation. Proceeds of artwork were to help the charity cause.

Affordable Art Fair from the 18th to 20th November 2011 represented by the Dahlia Gallery @ Booth H11.

The Goddess and the Godless from the 7th to the 23rd of October 2011, at The Gallery of Gnani Arts. Curated by Vidhya Gnana Gouresan.

World of Art, International Exhibition of Paintings & Sculptures from May 21st to June 22 2011 at Gallery Gold, Kolkata, India. Artists presented Paritosh Sen, Ramananda Bandhopadhyay, Jogen Chowdhury, Wasim Kapoor, Alexandre Tokarev, Christian Shultz and others. Curated by Ekaterina Abramova

Art Door Taipei -12th to 15th May 2011, represented by Dahlia Gallery, Singapore, in Taipei, Taiwan.

Meditation in Motion - 20th of April to the 30th of April at Dahlia Gallery Singapore, group exhibition of, Indian artists.

Aviskar 2011- East meets West -15th to the 20th march, Birla Academy of Fine Art and Culture, Kolkata, India. Curated by Ekaterina Volkova, of Art Brand Europe and presented by Roymans Gallery. Participating artists, Ramananda Bandhopadhyay, Jogen Chowdhury, Wasim Kapoor and others.

Maya – An Illusion – Third Solo Exhibition at the The Gallery, Arts House, Singapore. The Exhibition explored the characters of the Mahabharata, and their inner turmoil.

Pearl River Gallery, Singapore - display of works from April to June 2005.

British Club, Singapore - permanent display of works since Oct 2004

 Several Hotel Fairs and Exhibitions in Singapore.

Portland Saturday Market (USA, Oregon) - Aug 2002

Solo Exhibitions:

Melange: A solo exhibition at the French Book shop Tiong Bahru from 3rd to 30thSeptember.

Shakti – Second solo exhibition at the Artmosaic Gallery, MICA, Singapore 11th July to the 27th July 2008

Impressions - First solo exhibition (Sculpture Square, Singapore - Mar 2005)

Chat Masala & Chat Masala Too Restaurants, Singapore - display of paintings since from Jan 2006

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Singapore, Ballroom 1 - display of works May 2002

Service Missions through Art:

During the Peregrination exhibition conducted workshop for two classes of St.Andrews School of Autism.

 Donated artwork "Vishwaroop" to the Melbourne Specialist International School for a fund raising event for their new vocational wing for the students. This was held at the Residence of the Australian High Commissioner to Singapore.

Volunteer art teacher conducting Adult Art lessons for the ART OF LIVING FOUNDATION SINGAPORE every Saturday for two hours as a volunteer artist since this January 2014.

Art Mural: June 6th to 12th Formed and led a group of seven other artists to create a kitchen mural for the Sri Narayana Mission Old Age Home in Yishun.

Championed decorating the Meranti Home, in the Pelangi Village, to give a more colourful stay, for the residents. Designed and completed wall mural in the courtyard of the Home. November 2009

Artist Volunteer for the India New Year Festival, in which we designed and put up a Indian rural scene in the midst of Serangoon Road. Event was graced by MM Lee. April 2010.

 Donated Painting called, "Placid", for UWC Aids Fund December 2008 for auction during their Gala Annual Dinner.

 Donated Proceeds of painting, "Seva" (Service), from Shakti, to the Smiles Charity for the Art of Living Foundation July 2008

 Donated Painting titled Tribal for silent auction through the British Club Tsunami Relief Fund. January 2005.

Publications (Covers and Features):

 Vasantham Singapore (Television): featuring inauguration of Sree Narayana Mission Heritage Wall, 30 Aug 2015

 Tamil Murasu Singapore (Newspaper Daily), 30 Aug 2015: featuring inauguration of Sree Narayana Mission Heritage Wall

 http://www.feecha.com/single/6466824751284224?nb=Katong

 https://www.toovia.com/posts/2014/aug/30/0.13503.450350999920508938

 Cited in "Singapore & India – A Shared Future", pg175, www.isas.nus.edu.sg/SG-IND_FA_LR_230115_1.pdf

 Bkhush.com, Art, culture and wellness blog contributor, http://www.bkhush.com/dev/blogs/joyotee-ray-chaudhury

 March -2013 Tabla featured our exhibition The Red Dot in Mosaic.

 DiverseCity 2012 publication, pg26 - http://www.sif.org.sg/diversecity/flip/index.php

 April 2011 – Life section of The Straits Times, An Hour at the Museum by Deepika Shetty for the exhibition Meditation in Motion.

 SuperMompreneurs profile of the Artist, Joyotee Ray Chaudhury, 2010 – http://www.supermompreneurs.com/profilesdetails.aspx?username=Joyotee

 Arts Beat, 7-16 Jul 2008, pg 14-15 - http://www.joyotee.com/arts_beat_jul2008.pdf

 Fifo.sg, 05 Jul 2008 - http://www.fifo.sg/post/show/201

 Youth.SG, 14 Jul 2008 - http://www.youth.sg/content/view/5576/28/

 Radio Interview by Pamela Ho on 93.8 live on 30th Aug 2010 to discuss Maya- An Illusion

 Aaratrika 2008 – Cover Design and article Annual Magazine for the Bengali’s in Moscow.

 Dawn June 2008 – Featured Artist of the Month.

Diane Fay, 24 Jun 2008 – Feature of Shakti by Artist Joyotee

 Radio Interview by Melanie Oliveiro during second exhibition Shakti on 93.8 live on 22nd Jul 2008.

 Milon 2003 – Cover Design for the annual Magazine for the Bengali Association Singapore.


Copyright © of the artist, Joyotee.

No reproductions without written consent of Joyotee.


singapore visual artist female woman women joyotee contemporary figurative abstracts ganesha krishna religious indian artist joyotee art painting paintings singaporean

singapore visual artist female woman women joyotee contemporary figurative abstracts ganesha krishna religious indian artist joyotee art painting paintings singaporean

singapore visual artist female woman women joyotee contemporary figurative abstracts ganesha krishna religious indian artist joyotee art painting paintings singaporean