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An-otter Perspective

2019 was a year where art happened to us in the form of a mural, four walls in Circular Road. The concept given was “The river Flows” and the docent background helped in weaving the story of river through the years pre and post- colonial. We had a mascot in our story, the Otter who has been there to witness all these changes. Interestingly our fourth wall depicted a future, of cleaner water and air and people making wiser earth friendly choices hence bringing back the Otters to the rivers and happily so. Little did we know that it would happen so soon in the beginning of 2020. Yes, as an eternal optimist I am out to see the blessings in all of this and here I am marveling at how nature teaches us. A lot of disappointments and a whole gamut of experiences in this for all of us. However, I think we are also hugely full of gratitude for the blessings in each of our stories. There are many who may not be as fortunate as us and hence at this time while we continue to meditate and pray, we should constantly send blessings towards them. There are loads of opportunities to help financially as well and those messages are also trickling in through the day. God knows we have loads of time to do this :D Happy that your overseas kid made it back home. Not all kids have been lucky. Even a few friends are stuck in various places. Call on them, talk to them. It’s the human connection and it does not have to be through a party or a gathering. Praying that everyone is safe healthy, and we all learn to make these simpler choices in life as a daily measure. Home cooked food over restaurant food and wastage. Family time over excess social time. Our own cities over travel for the sake of ticking cities off. Each of us has been given time to reflect over our choices. Loving this time and space to do so and challenges that are coming with it. I am grateful for the family time we are having. I served a picnic day before in our living room with picnic mat and all picnic food. It was fun. The message is clear simplicity in choices. Meanwhile I am enjoying the Otter images and videos, while I sip on my Darjeeling tea and sketching away.

published on joyoteesart on 21st Mar 2020

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